Communication between school, students & the wider community

Ballina Public School Cut-Out Crests

Communication between school, students & the wider community

Ballina Public School enhances internal and external signage with Signpac.

The Brief

Located in a residential area in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Ballina Public School wanted to effectively communicate messages to its large number of students using a combination of traditional signage and modern LED technologies.

Staff at Ballina Public School recognised that there was an absence of convenient devices and displays in place to distribute messages to staff, students and visitors, in a protected and secure platform preventing weather and graffiti damage.

Ballina Public School Digital Sign

They identified a need for robust and economical information display systems, which would be suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Which ultimately, would need to match the school rebrand and create a modernised area.

The Solution

The school reached out to Signpac due to the company’s track record for installing both traditional and technologically progressive signage solutions in over 1000’s of schools across Australia. They needed products that could withstand the fast-paced school environment, whilst meeting the goal of paper reduction, an area Signpac specialises in. Signpac recommended multiple products cohesively designed and strategically positioned throughout the school to address the needs of their brief.

Cut out crest

The Installation

The Cut Out Crests installed at Ballina Public School feature coloured characters suited for both outdoor and indoor environments, which are customisable to any message the school wants to portray to the community. There are various different colours that could be used allowing the school to match their school theme.

The LED Digital Sign installed at Ballina Public School also allowed for an extensive range of full-colour messages and images to be transmitted up-to-the-minute. The digital sign replaced the dull, unpleasant traditional, manual changeable frame signs, and gave the school a technological edge in communication with the students, parents and the wider community.

Front of School Sign is the first impression that introduces Ballina Public School to students, staff and the wider community. These signs make a statement about school pride and presentation values.  The front of School Signs installed is corrosion resistant to maintain a long service life in the Ballina Public School’s coastal environment.

Front of School Sign

Lecterns are essential in any modern auditorium or hall. The unique logo and messaging gives Ballina Public School visual representation and professionalism. The school chose a sleek black lectern with the school logo and slogan to further represent their values.

Hall lectern

Decreased paper usage achieved through the new signage installations thanks to key messages now transmitted through various devices, ultimately provides an environmentally sustainable area. At the same time, it keeps students and the community informed of the school events, student achievements, parent-teacher nights and other important messages.

The Feedback

Ballina Public School Principal, Stacie Luppi, commented on the signage process and products.

“The products from Signpac have been of excellent quality. Signpac Sales Rep, Jay has been on hand at all times to help us through the design process and was able to follow up on the delivery and installation of items quickly. Jay has been onsite assisting us in selecting the best product for what our needs were and extremely helpful in providing timelines for delivery and installation.”

Signpac cut out crest

The products were installed by late 2018 and are located in prominent locations within the school, including inside the foyer where there is high traffic.

Signpac successfully installed the Signage, which allowed for messages to be delivered to students and the community efficiently.

Due to the major achievement, there may potentially be additional work between Ballina Public School and Signpac in the future.

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