A Trusted Name in School Signs

At Signpac, we believe in partnerships. Our position as the leading expert in school signs for the past 25 years shows that Australian school leaders trust our company.

Each year, Signpac helps thousands of Australian schools to enhance visual impact, which adds flow-on value to their communities. We are proud to be an Australian-owned and operated business, dedicated to providing Australia-wide signage solutions to primary and secondary schools, public and private plus other institutions including colleges, day care and aged care facilities.

First Impressions

Excellent signage says a lot about a school. It speaks to modernity, care for students, staff, and community. These factors influence enrolling families when they visit a prospective school.

At Signpac, we understand the unique challenges that education institutions present. Our guidance helps school principals and their executive teams achieve best-practice school signage solutions. Signpac’s expert advice is tailored to achieve impactful communication, including:

  • school values and PBL messaging
  • school branding and identity
  • safety and instructional
  • directional
  • special events and celebrations

Technology & Quality

Signpac is ahead of the wave when it comes to technology and trends. Our high-quality Australian-standard products are guaranteed* for five years and our Sydney-based facilities are state of the art.

The Signpac installation team is professional, on time and always respectful of the school environment. We see first hand, the immediate and long-lasting rewards that our signage provides for clients, and we are always on the lookout for new and innovative installations to make your school stand out. See our pencils and flag ranges.

* Signpac guarantees all components produced by us

Embrace Signage

When people navigate your school’s buildings and facilities, we believe they experience more
than simply finding their way around. Each group benefits in overlapping ways:


  • Are visually reminded of school values
  • Clearly see PBL reinforcement messages
  • Notice colourful, easy to read, appealing signage
  • Display school pride
  • Learn school safety

  • Are supported in core values teaching
  • Appreciate an attractive workplace
  • Value an educationally supportive environment
  • Display school pride
  • Reinforce school safety

  • Notice school identity branding
  • See what programmes and values the school supports
  • Gauge a school on its presentation
  • Feel community pride
  • Are advised about safety on school grounds

Contact Signpac Today

Professional signage solutions for the whole school are the way of the future. We look forward to working with your school to enhance its visual impact and create better educational environment that will last for many years to come.

For even greater impact, speak with a Signpac consultant about our whole school branding design service.


Getting in Touch

Signpac is Australian owned and operated and has been servicing Australian schools for over 20 years not only with quality, lasting school signage but also providing expert advice and solutions to help school principals enhance teaching and learning environments.


Head Office: 20/45 Leighton Place Hornsby, NSW Australia 2077
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Email: sales@signpac.com.au
Phone: 1800 140 940
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