Anti-Bullying Signs

Stay on top of important messaging opportunities on school buildings to remind students of what is expected and to let visitors know your school values.

School value signage is more popular than ever because principals realise the learning potential and practicality of strategically placed, positive reinforcement messages around their schools.


Carpark and Gate Signs

This important safety and directional signage helps visitors and staff to navigate your car park system and rules.

People rely more heavily on directional signage in car parks, vehicle entry and exit areas because they are driving a vehicle. Make sure your signage is correctly placed, clear and attractive so a good impression is made on all your visitors.


Childcare Signs

Introduce your centre to the community in bright, colourful and creative ways. Signpac is an expert in all educational signage styles and can advise on best placement, size and message delivery throughout your childcare centre, inside and outdoors.


Cut Out Characters

Cut out characters are a popular way to engage students. They add colour, fun and creativity to outdoor and indoor public areas. Signpac has over 20 years’ experience in school sign creation, installation and placement.


Cut Out Crests

Like Cut-Out Characters, school crests transform well into Cut Out signage that reproduces your school emblem, message, branding or logo into a colourful, quality sign that attracts attention and reinforces your school’s visual image.


Directional Signs

Visitors, staff and students need to find their way around your school efficiently. Well thought-out directional signage not only helps people navigate their way, but also sends a clear message that you have an organised, helpful and professional school.


Door Signs

Engraved plastic faces with metal backing pieces or go modern with 3D printed Perspex signs. Plentiful and unified door signage looks professional and is a practical help to those attending or visiting your school.

We have several styles to choose from and your school logo can be incorporated if desired.


Foyer Signs

These signs complement other signage around the school environment and have a practical application of letting people know how to find places in your school.

Our Foyer Signs come in several styles, sizes and custom options.


Frame Signs

Frame signs are most commonly found in school environments. Because they are often the most prominent, hard working signs on school premises, it is important to get them right. Signpac has an extensive range and over 20 years’ experience in designing and supplying all types of frame signs to Australian schools.


Front of School Signs

Classic, widely used signs that introduce your school to students, staff and the wider community. Front of School signs are one of the most important signs your school can have. They make a statement about school pride and presentation values.


Hall Signs

School halls play a vital role in a school community as a place where people gather, perform and celebrate important school milestones. The school hall is often the first building visitors and potential enrolments set foot in and as such, it is a great place to showcase your school values, achievements and history.


Locator Signs

Visitors, staff and students need to find their way around your school efficiently. Well thought-out directional signage not only helps people navigate their way, but also sends a clear message that you have an organised, helpful and professional school.


Map Signs

These signs are a lifesaver for visitors and a necessity for contractors and other workers on site. School map signs are sized to suit your school.

They can be simple in design or customised to reflect your school branding style.


Multi Language Signs

These signs reflect your community, its diversity and show respect for people with non-English speaking backgrounds. Multi Language signs promote an inclusive environment where everybody can find their way around or learn about your school.

acknowledgement of country signs

National Anthem & School Song Signs

Have the words to the national anthem your school song clearly displayed in your hall or assembly area. Available in a variety of materials with standard and custom-made sizes to choose from.


Safety Signs

Safety signage is vital to every school and an important part of our service to customers. Compliance, practicality and strategic placement are areas that Signpac is experienced in.

We can provide an on-site, free safety sign audit at your school and advise what, where, size and style options to suit every environment and budget.



Available in various designs from traditional to modern, manually changeable or digital.

Contact Signpac to discuss any scoreboard sign requirements your school or sporting organisation may have, we provide on-site consultancy if you require and our products are quality assured to stand the test of time and exposure to the elements without fading or peeling.



Sticker signage is a great way to be visual and get your message across – on a number of surfaces, in a number of situations. If you have the idea, Signpac has the know-how to design and cutting-edge technology to manufacture the right sticker sign for your organisation.


Table Cloths

We print your school crest, logo or any other text or image onto fabric. Make sure your school’s presentation tables are well dressed for special occasions and official appearances!

Don’t miss the opportunity to unify school branding and link all school signage.


Timber Signs

Attractive, durable, traditional or modern in style, Signpac has the perfect timber sign for your school. Contact one of our consultants today or browse the gallery for inspiration on your timber school signage.


Value Signs

Values signage is an integral part of any modern educational environment. The practice of placing, in bullet-point format, five to ten key values in public places is taking hold in the business world also.


Wall Paper Designs

Visually stunning Wall Paper designs are becoming popular. Blow up a photograph, map, student artwork, your school’s emblem or any image to create a huge impact. Alternatively, pattern-repeat certain images or words across an entire wall for a sleek, modern look.


Welcome Signs

These signs provide a friendly yet professional starting point for visitors to your school. They welcome and direct people easily to your administration area. Welcome signs are available in a variety of materials, with standard or custom-design options.


Window Vinyl

Allow your school colours, message, emblem, artwork or photographs to shine across school classroom windows. Window Vinyl sticker signage is big on impact, good value for money and easy to change annually or seasonally.


Getting in Touch

Contact our dedicated team at School Signs we’ll begin the process that’ll promote the best and brightest aspects of your school. Partner with us and lets build something extraordinary for your school, together.


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