Changeable Signs For Local Government

New day. Different message. Changeable signs are a practical way to communicate year round with your community.


Changeable signs are a trusted and familiar form of traditional signage. Local government departments use them to provide current messaging and information in a prominent place.



Notice Boards For Local Government

A great way to communicate important messages with ease. Noticeboard signs come with a lockable face and are available in pin board or Velcro styles. Signpac customises noticeboard sizes to local government environments.



Whiteboards For Local Government

These premium Signpac Whiteboards are the best way to communicate important messages with ease. The Whiteboards use a high quality whiteboard surface with a surrounding aluminium frame, concealed fixings and aluminium pen tray.



Interactive Whiteboards For Local Government

More local government departments are utilising these whiteboards as effective tools for improving communications and interaction. They offer many modern advantages over traditional whiteboards.



Digital Signs For Local Government

Communicate quickly by broadcasting up-to-the-minute messages and images without leaving your desk. Digital signs replace the most popular and prominent traditional frame signs but are used more and more.



LCD Digital Sign For Local Government

Set your local government department apart and get your message across quickly with floor tower screens.
These cutting-edge LCD signs are used to display images, programs and events with multiple messages that rotate.

Getting in Touch

Signpac is Australian owned and operated and has been servicing Australian schools for over 20 years not only with quality, lasting school signage but also providing expert advice and solutions to help school principals enhance teaching and learning environments.


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